You may not be familiar with the name Albert Pyun, but if you spent any time at all in video stores throughout the 80s and 90s you’re doubtlessly familiar with his work His films are a dance between the brilliant and the bizarre. Now, a long-in-the-works project that’s now being billed as his 50th feature film is finally available to the public: Road to Hell.

Road to Hell is a spiritual/unofficial sequel to Streets of Fire, and even features the return of that film’s star Michael Pare playing “Cody” (his character in the earlier movie is Tom Cody). Wikipedia tells me it’s gotten a few theatrical viewings since 2008 but then additional footage was shot in 2013. Still no release. But now it’s available to the public . It is $9.99 for a streaming rental from the director's website (No download available) or you can purchase a DVD or Blu-ray copy for a limited time. Albert Pyun's bad health issues have caused this film to be shelved  but we have it available in HD in both DVD and Blu-ray formats now. Get yours before before it's too late.

Purchase includes a CD and mp3 copy of the soundtrack.