The Shaggs

If you don't know the story behind what might be the worst band in the history of music, I suggest doing a little homework before listening. You'll still be waiting for Ashton Kutcher to pop out at any time and tell you you've been punked, but no, he never does and you slowly start to realize that The Shaggs were not a bad joke gone really bad. They were actually serious. If you know a Shaggs fan,  then you know someone..."that has never heard the Shaggs."


"It's so avant-garde" and "real." "Thought provoking and pure."


No. No. No. Anyone that says that is trying way to hard too be cool by liking something so "different." IT'S JUST HORRIBLE and you know you want to hear it.

 Is it that bad? Yes. Yes it is.. 

No need for a song list, The Shaggs only had 2 albums.


One released and one shelved. This is both of them.

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