In early 2014, when it seemed that Prince, his people and Warner Bros. had no intention of re-releasing an anniversary edition of the Purple Rain Soundtrack, a independent  unofficial "Complete" soundtrack was made available that featured all 4 acts from the film. It was a 2 disc set that had unreleased material plus hard to find extended mixes. The reception was from one extreme to the other. People either loved it or people hated it. The haters main complaint was that it was "unofficial." They really couldn't complain about the quality because the quality was excellent. Was it "remastered?" NO. The master tapes are not something you can check out at your local library. But it sounded just as good, if not better than the original. Needless to say, it sold well but it was short and sweet as an "independent unofficial" website that has an army of dedicated fans, used what power they had to get it pulled from places like Amazon and Ebay. But it was okay. And you know why...because Warner and Prince made nice Spring of 2014 and announced they were releasing an anniversary edition of "Purple Rain." The question remained would it include the extended or uncut versions? Or would it even include the music by The Time, Apollonia 6 and Dez Dickerson as the "unofficial" did? The answer to that is still a mystery because as of right now...nothing has been released nor has there been a release date announced. [SEE UPDATE BELOW] Did they change their mind? I would think that would not only be a bad decision money wise but also a big slap in the face to the fans who have been waiting for something that was promised to them.

On April 21st, 2016  (about 3 years ago ...Prince was found in his home dead at the age of 57 from an unintentional fatal dose of prescription medication. He is missed Worldwide.

The download that is being posted is for your listening pleasure. It is exactly as it was released on the 2 disc set that is no longer available. Same track order...everything. We are posting it here for you to enjoy the music. What you do with it after that is your business but we are not profiting from this in any way. Truth be known, you can find most of this online. Where? Everywhere and nowhere. It took these guys over 14 years to track down high quality versions of the unreleased stuff so even though you can, it might take a decade and a half. We are offering this link to fans who would like to hear it and as a common courtesy to the other parties involved, when and if an "official" version does surface this will be pulled from our site immediately. [See below]

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UPDATE JUNE 2017 and July 2018

The official re-release of  Prince's 1984 "Purple Rain" has been released and is available to purchase everywhere. They have remastered the main tracks and depending which version you buy there is a bonus disc with the singles and b-sides (much like the one we have) and the Deluxe Edition includes a 3rd disc of unreleased material. Unfortunately it does not include the music from The Time, Apollonia 6 or Dez Dickerson and the remastered tracks are the original album release lengths. Note: "Let's Go Crazy"'s long movie version is on the bonus disc as well as a long "Hallway Version" of Computer Blue. Yes it is a totally different version than the one included on ours. Regardless of the omissions it is a great set that we recommend . Originally we were going to pull this download when the official version was released but since they are really 2 different albums we will leave it up to download for free so that you can have both.

UPDATE APRIL 6 2019 NOTE: Physicals copies can be found on eBay.

This download has 2 additional tracks. The REMASTERED version of EROTIC CITY

and a alternate mix of SEX SHOOTER on disc 2.