What is "On Demand" Media. Media is our DVD and Blu-ray selections that are manufactured as needed not in bulk as most titles are produced. For example 'Fate of the Furious" was a major studio film and was released on DVD and Blu-ray in 2017. A big potential seller like a FF8 are replicated and then sold everywhere you might purchase your movies, Amazon, Walmart, Target etc. But when an older title for example "The Wild Life" (the 1984 Cameron Crowe comedy) may be released as an "On Demand" title due to the fact the studio may not think it would be cost effective to mass produce a 80's cult classic that may not sell in high enough volume to justify the tens of thousands of dollars it would take to replicate. Rather than not releasing it at all on disc it is made to order, as needed...simply Manufactured On Demand.

All M.O.D. discs are produced using recordable media such as DVD-R or BD-R. That is the industry standard for manufacturing low volume titles. They are usually produced from studio masters with equal quality of any standard release and offer the same as any replicated release.

They are not bootlegs or counterfeit items. They are authorized by the studios and distributed on line for people who want physical copies of out of print or never released movies.

Guaranteed and backed up with a life span of 25+ years.

Vicious Circle and sister company Planet Music are just a few companies that that sell these legal and fully authorized releases. Amazon's exclusive On Demand provider Create Space is another.

This is the way and usually the only way to get certain movies to enjoy on your players or laptops/Computer.

Once again, they are superior quality and available only online or special ordered for pick up at many larger retail chains.